Leominster Community Response to COVID-19

Following the most recent government announcements regarding COVID-19, Leominster Town Council has cancelled all its meetings scheduled in March and April and is seeking to support the local community in tackling the Coronavirus.

The Town Council is working with the Leominster COVID-19 volunteering group, local support organisations and Team Leominster partners to develop a network of volunteers to help look after those affected by the Coronavirus.

What are the needs of those most affected by COVID-19?

  • Collection and delivery of essential items such as prescriptions, shopping and other essential supplies
  • The delivery of personal care items. These may include cooked meals, toiletries etc
  • Transport to urgent appointments
  • Communication and support to combat loneliness
  • The care of pets, including dog walking
  • Help accessing the latest government advice and information on local support services.

What can we do?

  • Consider not only what you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe, but also think about the needs of others in your community.
  • Register as a volunteer to assist with any of the areas listed above .
  • Donate supplies to Leominster Food Bank at their drop off points at Leominster Coop, Leominster Morrisons, and the Leominster Community Centre.
  • Support local shops and businesses, where you can.
  • Carry out a risk assessment for your staff, family, or anyone that takes care of your family.
  • Have a ‘plan’ in place if you or a family member becomes unwell.
  • Above all, consider what you can you do to minimise the danger for those who are most at risk from Covid 19.

Where do we go to ask for support or volunteer to help?

To ask for help, or to register as a volunteer, please use the following numbers:

01568 737 940 (8am – 3pm, Monday – Friday)
01568 611 734 (3pm – 6pm, 7 days a week)

Alternatively, please email j.debbage@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk  

If you are phoning on behalf of a neighbour or family member, please ensure that you ask their permission before passing on any personal details.

Remember: Coronavirus is contagious. Please take every effort to ensure that you are not spreading it. Avoid physical contact (the recommended distance is 2 metres) and wash your hands regularly. Items for delivery will be left on the recipient’s doorstep.

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, visit https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
For information on symptoms and what to do if you feel unwell, visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19.

Please note: any personal information that you provide via the numbers above will only be used for the purpose of coordinating a community response to the Coronavirus emergency in Leominster and the surrounding areas. Information will be held securely and will only be shared with individuals and organisations involved in coordinating the Coronavirus response. Further information about the Town Council’s Data Protection policies can be found on our website at https://www.leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk/GDPR.aspx

Help Us to Get the Word Out
We are keen to ensure that all residents of Leominster and the surrounding areas are aware of the local support that is available during this challenging time. If you are able to assist by promoting the details above by poster, email or social media, then please download the relevant files using the links below:
- PDF poster file
- PNG image file

Domestic Abuse

For help and advice if you or someone you know is a victim of Domestic Abuse, please click on the link below:

/controls/DownloadDocument.ashx?docID=jk7145UTDZPPHVZLEA4262sDwq&aID=9824 (this link will download a PDF leaflet)

If you are at immediate risk, please dial 999. 

You can contact West Merica Womens Aid on 0800 783 1359 (24/7) or live chat www.westmerciawomensaid.org (Mon - Fri 9am until 2.30pm)

Males experiencing domestic abuse can contact Respect Mens Helpline on 0808 801 0327 (Mon & Weds 9am until 8pm;Tues, Thurs & Fri 9am until 5pm)

Food Support for Families Receiving Free School Meals
During the Easter holidays, Leominster Food Bank are making extra provision for children usually entitled to Free School Meals and are offering food bags, which will include a range of food items for you to cook (eg pasta, soup, tuna, potatoes, tinned fruit and veg). Leominster Food Bank will distribute the food bags via a number of collection points, with deliveries (by DBS checked volunteers) for those in isolation.

If you would like to have a food bag over the Easter holidays and are entitled to free school meals, please sign up here http://eepurl.com/gYmPvf Once the details are finalised, a booking form will be sent out to you. Additionally, if you want to add families you think are in similar need (with their permission), that is fine too.

Support for Businesses Affected by COVID-19
Herefordshire Council’s Economic Development Team delivers a service called the Marches Growth Hub Herefordshire.  This online service offers FREE support services for all local businesses.  There are a number of government supported initiatives that can potentially help businesses through this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  

If you are a business wishing to have further information on Covid-19 then the details of the local support are available on the Marches Growth Hub Website - https://www.marchesgrowthhub.co.uk/advice-and-support/coronavirus-information-for-businesses/  
Alternatively if you wish to discuss with a member of the Economic Development team please contact 01432 261758 or 01432 383633 or business@herefordshire.gov.uk  

Citizens Advice Outreach Closure
The Citizens Advice Outreach service is closed until further notice. This decision has been made to keep staff, volunteers and the general public safe from potential Coronavirus infection. 

Telephone advice remains open at present, you can contact Citizens Advice Herefordshire on 03448 26 96 85 Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm. Alternatively you can visit www.citizensadvice.org.uk 

Play Areas and Open Spaces
To protect the public from COVID-19 and to help support official guidelines on social distancing, Leominster Town Council took the decision on 24th March to close all of its play areas until further notice. Open spaces remain available for exercise purposes, however we ask that these are used responsibly and in keeping with government restrictions on group gatherings. The Council’s Environmental Team will be undertaking minimal maintenance on the open space areas, to ensure that they remain safe for use while also taking all possible measures to minimise risk to both residents and staff.

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