Ginhall Allotments

**Important update regarding Allotments and Covid-19**

Leominster Town Council is keeping up to date with the fast-moving government guidance to keep staff and members of the public safe.With this in mind the Council have decided to send out invoices and collect allotment rent at a later date, probably after the summer, depending on developments.

Please be aware if using the allotments, that the gate, toilet and community shed may be areas where you may wish to take extra precautions as everyone will be touching them.

Closure as a precaution against the spread of covid-19 may be advised in the future. We will keep you updated.

About Ginhall Allotments

Ginhall Lane Allotments are situated just over a mile outside Leominster, approximately 20 mins walk or a 5 min cycle ride from the town centre. There are around 100 allotments of various different sizes, on 5 acres of land with views across the North Herefordshire landscape towards Bircher Common. There is also plenty of car parking on site. Leominster Town Council manages the site and works alongside Leominster Allotment Association, which has an elected committee who work with and on behalf of all allotment gardeners. 

Leominster Town Council currently has a number of allotment plots available, with rent starting at £25 per year. Plot sizes are approximately 250 square metres for a full plot, with half plots and quarter plots available depending on your requirements.

A bonus of allotment gardening is that regular exercise and fresh air can benefit your health. It is a good way to relax and unwind. Cultivation of a plot requires approximately 3-5 hours per week, with the peak time being March to September. You will need a few essentials, such as a spade, fork, hoe, rake, trowel and hand fork. The allotments have access to water, compost bins, a community shed and plot, a composting toilet and a swap table. There is also an active Allotment Association and for a very reasonable £5 per year membership it provides insurance, has access to reduced rate seeds, organises trips and an annual barbecue. In October, in conjunction with the Town Council, the Association hosts the Harvest Supper and Allotment Awards at Grange Court, where we all have a chance to sample the fruits of our labours.

If you would like to find out more about renting an allotment, please call 01568 611734 or email 

To find out more about the Allotment Association, visit


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