Grants to Voluntary Organisations

Each year, Leominster Town Council sets aside a small fund, which may be awarded as grants to voluntary organisations which provide a service for or benefit the whole community within Leominster or a particular group of residents.

Application Procedure
Applications must be submitted on an application form and be accompanied by the last set of accounts and balance sheet for the organisation and a copy of the Constitution. Any supporting documentation, plans and photographs will be welcome. If the applicant is a new organisation and does not have any accounts to date, a copy of the most recent bank statement and a business plan should suffice. The organisation’s clear aims and objectives must be set out on the application form. The Town Council reserves the right to request any additional information to aid determination of the application. Applications should be made in October, for payment in April of the following year, so that sufficient funds may be set aside in the budget. Applications submitted at other times of the year may be less likely to receive the full amount requested, as funds may not be available. Applications will first be considered by the Grants Committee, which meets on an ad-hoc basis, and who will make a recommendation to the next meeting of Council as to whether the application should be granted and the amount that should be awarded. The applicant may attend the Council meeting, if he/she wishes, and address Council as part of the 10-minute public participation item on the agenda. If applicants wish to do this, they must liaise with the Town Clerk when submitting the application.

Conditions of Funding
Applications from voluntary organisations in the town will be considered, as will applications from organisations based outside the town but working to provide some benefit for residents of Leominster parish. Council regrets that it cannot, normally, consider applications from the following:

  1. Individuals
  2. Organisations intending to support or oppose any particular political party, or to discriminate on the grounds of race or religion
  3. Organisations which operate as a commercial business
  4. Church Councils or religious organisations (although applications from voluntary groups linked to a church or religious body will be considered)
  5. Education, health or social services establishments for whom Central Government, Health Authority or Unitary Council is the appropriate funder
  6. “Upward funders” ie. Local groups whose total fund raising is sent to a regional or national headquarters for re-distribution and not spent locally
  7. National organisations which do not have a direct specific benefit to the people of Leominster.


Grants towards running costs, offices, salaries or wages costs will not normally be considered. Full grant criteria and an application form can be downloaded using the links below.

Grant Criteria (PDF)
Grant Application Form (Word)
Grant Application Form (PDF)




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