Coronavirus Measures
To protect the public from COVID-19 and to help support official guidelines on social distancing, Leominster Town Council took the decision on 24th March to close all of its play areas until further notice. Open spaces remain available for exercise purposes, however we ask that these are used responsibly and in keeping with government restrictions on group gatherings. The Council’s Environmental Team will be undertaking minimal maintenance on the open space areas, to ensure that they remain safe for use while also taking all possible measures to minimise risk to both residents and staff.

Ginhall Green
Ginhall Green is a greenspace nestled between the Buckfield Road Estate and Ginhall Lane. It is approximately one mile long and stands elevated so that the distant views of Croft Ambrey, the ancient hill fort and Mortimer Forest are captured at various points. The views are best enjoyed from the meandering path that begins at the Giant Redwoods of Woodfen Crescent and ends by the wildflower meadow and heritage orchard, taking in two small play areas along the way. A network of public rights of way are easily accessible from Ginhall Green. 

Sydonia Park stands between Leominster Leisure Centre and Caswell estate. It is a relatively flat, open  park that incorporates a skatepark, small play area, larger playground and a nutgrove. Volunteers have recently been working on maintenance of the shrub borders and helping to create a much more family friendly space. The large playarea is currently under development, with plans to create an exciting, inclusive playspace and outdoor fitness gym. It is anticipated that work will begin in early 2018.

The Grange
The Grange sits at the end of Grange Walk, which leads immediately from Corn Square (where a busy market is held on Fridays). The main feature of The Grange is a number of specimen trees, including mature Purple Beech, Wellingtonias and a Verdun Oak - grown from an acorn brought back from The Somme after the First World War. Set out in a large ovular shape, The Grange used to host cricket matches and still retains a characterful pavilion which is used as a café.

At the far end of this formal greenspace sits Grange Court, once located at the top of Broad Street and moved to its current location in 1859. This is currently run as a Community Space by a Charitable Trust. Between Grange Court and The Priory Churchyard sits the children’s play area and a large grassed area that is frequently used for picnicking. We are currently working to create a new design for a sympathetic and exciting destination play area for the town. Priory Churchyard, Pinsley Mead, The Millenium Churchyard and Green are all easily accessible from The Grange.

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